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Buy: GS IEC TS 62056-52:2018

Electricity metering

Data exchange for meter reading, tariff and load control - Part 52: Communication protocols management distribution line message specification (DLMS) server


This technical report provides all the information specific to the management DLMS Server of the protocols described in IEC 62056-31, IEC 62056-41 and IEC 62056-51.

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GSA/TC 10 - Electro-Technical Products

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Bushings - Seismic qualification

GS IEC TS 61463:2005
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Part 1: General requirements

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Slotted set screws with long dog point

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GS IEC 60141-1:2007

Test on Oil Filled and Gas - Pressure Cables and their Accessories - Part 1: Oil - Filled, Paper - Insulated, Metal - Sheathed Cables Accessories for Alternating Voltages up to and incluing 400 kV

GS IEC 60141-1:2007