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Buy: GS ISO 8673:2015

Hexagon regular nuts (style 1) with metric fine pitch thread

- Product grades A and B


This International Standard specifies the geometry of hexagon nuts with nominal thread diameter from 8 mm up to and including 64 mm

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GSA/TC 6 - Mechanical Engineering & Metallurgy

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GS IEC 61347-2-1:2017

Part 2-1: Particular requirements for startingdevices (other than glow starters)

GS IEC 61347-2-1:2017
GS ISO 1735:2005

Gravimetric method (Reference method)

GS ISO 1735:2005
GS ISO 9442:2006

Tolerances and dimensions

GS ISO 9442:2006
GS 800:2017

Determination of brush and roller application properties

GS 800:2017